Prenatal Chiropractic Care

At Advanced Chiropractic Pain & Wellness Center in Temecula, CA, we can help treat a variety of painful prenatal conditions. Pregnancy can cause conditions like lower back pain and sciatica. It can be hard to find effective treatment for these conditions that addresses the root causes of the pain, rather than simply treating the symptoms. Our chiropractor, Dr. Wagner, can provide chiropractic techniques for prenatal patients.


Read on for more info on how Dr. Wagner can treat prenatal back pain.  

Common Prenatal Conditions

Pregnancy is well-known to cause back pain. This is because the spine has to support weight in a new location, which can bring the spine out of alignment. This can cause sciatica and lower back pain.

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve in the back is irritated. The sciatic nerve can become irritated when the spine moves out of alignment due to pregnancy. The spine often presses up against the nerve, causing pain.

Lower back pain due to pregnancy can be caused by a herniated disk or sore muscles. The treatment will vary depending on the cause of the back pain. Our chiropractor will perform a thorough exam first to determine the cause of your back pain. 

Our Prenatal Care Options

Dr. Wagner uses chiropractic treatment options when helping prenatal patients. If they are suffering from back pain due to a herniated disk, he may opt for a chiropractic adjustment. This treatment method involves the spine being gently and safely adjusted to help reduce the pressure on the herniated disk. 

If your back pain is caused by sore muscles, massage therapy may be the best option. Massage therapy relieves pain and increases blood flow. The increased blood flow can help promote healing, potentially allowing you to recover faster from your muscle problems.

Like all chiropractors, Dr. Wagner is an expert in spinal adjustment. This may be the most effective treatment for sciatic pain. Dr. Wagner can help realign your spine, which may reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve. 

Make an Appointment for Prenatal Chiropractic Treatment Today

We at Advanced Chiropractic Pain & Wellness Center are a provider of prenatal chiropractic care in Temecula, CA. Our chiropractor, Dr. Wagner, can assess your condition and come up with a treatment plan that will help promote healing and relieve discomfort. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our prenatal treatment options. You can also simply contact us to make an appointment. Call us at (951) 303-8486 for more information.


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